Community: For a deeper integration of the training

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This self defense program in South Africa is mainly partner work and I can’t think of anything more important today than what people learn with each other. Experiencing the unity that comes from team effort and support is a powerful tool for personal growth.

As the program progresses, subtleties and nuances will be developed. As we all attentively listen to each other, we will be able to join forces to create something uniquely great and truly powerful.

The program is not just a physical skill practice. The tempos and repetition create an internal heat, a transformative experience for the participants. As layers dissolve, deeper recognitions are bound to surface. And uniquely so in such a remote place where self defense training is unheard of.

The caregivers, Krysti, and myself will be there for those times. Slowly, new discussions will allow for personal recognition regarding the massive topic of personal safety. When participants experience this part of themselves, their internal conflicts have a safe space to resolve.

Inner strength propels unknowing possibilities for communities. These South Africans already live in more communal ways than most of us in our dense cities and towns. I am sure how they take lessons from training into their lives will be impressive. This program can be the missing piece to use as an apparatus to climb up.

JazzyCommunity: For a deeper integration of the training

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