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I think back to every great teacher I’ve had the opportunity to come across. Their inspirational genius contributes to my own, adding sparks that I would not have seen otherwise. A teacher’s single word, a sentence, an idea, a personality and teaching style, ignite unseen fires in people and continue to grow as they move forward in their lives.

I am a personal trainer. I watch my students. I feel ecstatic they are about to do some good for themselves. I notice the level of safety in their movement. The quality of their movements. Their breath. Their heads thinking. How many and what kind of adjustments to approach them with. Which senses they can give attention to for more integration of their whole self. Organically and strategically I get to give tools and space for learning. Consequently I have the honor of seeing the lightbulb, the ah-ha moment, the realization and addition of self-confidence, poise, and fearlessness.

I learn more about movement and how people work mentally every day. When watching students, I see many doors to help open. The other side always holds a students’ new sense of self and excitement.

There are innumerable ways that self-defense and movement practices translate to functionality throughout days’ activities. Students express the fun, the important, and the most mundane ways the physical actions were used in their day. Hearing the pride in their voices, that is the greatest reward.

Each person has untapped physical potential. It is like finding a piece of ourselves when those connections to our abilities are made. In practice we associate and then re-associate ourselves with qualities we either didn’t know we had or have never had a chance to use. This is a platform for healthy personal power.

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