LuchaFIT spreads the word about Vital Defense International

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Katherine Shai (Fulp-Allen) has recently featured VDI in her blog, “How Two Women are Teaching South Africans to Fight for their Lives“.

She is an incredibly accomplished wrestler and teacher – a 5x National Team Member, 2x Olympic Team Alternate, University World Champion for Team USA in wrestling, 2x Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete, and now coaches and mentors young girls as a part of the non-profit, Wrestle Like A Girl. The community she created, LuchaFIT, has a wealth of insight for female athletes all over the world.

Jazzy is quoted in the article:

It is important to disrupt the status quo when it takes away these rights for any sect of a community. These wrongdoings must not be ignored for the future health of communities around the world. That is why we are working with women who have found themselves stuck in a cycle of rape with no way to see beyond their current situation. Without changing their overall culture, we can accomplish immediate safety.

We are honored by this spotlight!


KrystiLuchaFIT spreads the word about Vital Defense International

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