Our Second Round of Crowdfunding is LIVE

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We launched our second round of crowdfunding this week! Please read about us and share with your friends:


This work is so important. Every contribution makes a big difference. It may seem intangible that Jazzy and I are going halfway around the world to meet people and improve their lives. Try to think about your every day life and how learning new skills helps in your occupation and your personal time. What if there was a new skill you wanted to learn but there was no one in your town to teach you? What if there was, but they were out of your budget? Now what if these skills were so important as to defend yourself from a potential rapist or petty thief. What if you were going to have a baby but didn’t know how to eat properly to give the baby the best chance at life.

THESE are the skills we are teaching, but we cannot do this on our own. We need your help. Please donate to our campaign and know that you are changing lives.

KrystiOur Second Round of Crowdfunding is LIVE

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