Read where our game changing $1800 donation is going!

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One of the cornerstones of this program is now taken care of through a kind-hearted donor. As some of you have guessed, new international programs require loose planning. What is guaranteed is that parts of the equation will shift. Our modest budget outlines the costs of a pilot program, and specifically in relation to this post, a living wage for translators. For each the self defense and nutrition programs of VDI, we have budgeted 3,000 rand ($230) per month.

Krysti and I are planning to employ people in the communities for the ongoing translation of nuanced vocabulary for both the science-based courses and passionate training sessions. The caregivers, the older generation of women, will learn separate from the younger English speaking generation. In order to gain perspective of their mindset, their culture, and curriculum possibilities, they absolutely need to feel comfortable enough to have open dialogue with us for the first handful of days as we facilitate the most personal of discussions with them.

However, we don’t yet know of a woman in any of the 29 villages who speaks both Sepedi and English. Aluwani knows a woman living just over a three hour drive away. She not only knows the communities incredibly well, but she is also a respected age of 40 years old. Her translation services come at a high cost of 2,000 rand per day.

The donation that came in yesterday covers the ongoing employment of local translators along with the cost of bringing in this woman for two days per month of self defense mindset discussions. This means we can count on having these invaluable conversations with the caregivers.

Instead of being dependent on someone translating every class, I will likely rely on communication through my physical body and our rudimentary overlap of Sepedi and English to teach the self defense classes themselves to this generation. I am excited to use my ability of clear movement and tone that I’ve practiced previously in India, Ecuador and the US! This is where my skills lie as a movement coach! Now I feel I have the opportunity to have a base of understanding with these women.

This thoughtful donation secures our ability to truly listen to the needs of all generations in Dikgale!

JazzyRead where our game changing $1800 donation is going!

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