About Vital Defense International

At the end of September, we are traveling to northern South Africa in the rural areas near the city of Polokwane. We have started our own two person organization, Vital Defense International, to deliver this amazing work. We are working with the Aluwani Foundation to reach out to 29 villages who have expressed resounding interest in self defense and nutrition education. These villages are the homes of 1,000 teenage girls and 3,500 orphaned children who rely on 20 drop-in centers every day for a cooked meal after school, homework assistance, opportunity to wash their uniforms and clothing, emotional support, and a safe place to play and learn. We will be traveling to these centers daily to teach self defense and nutrition education.

We are fundraising now and later once we have some experience with the communities, we will be applying for larger grants to cover our costs indefinitely. We intend to live in South Africa for at least a year with regular visits thereafter. We are building programs to continue on indefinitely.

Human rights are fundamental to all people, no matter their background. In the end, these community members are women just like the friends we have in our own community at home. We are fortunate to have thoroughly trained for real world self defense and health education so we can share it with others who have not had the same opportunities. Everyone should have the right to choose best choices for themselves.

If not us, then who?


Jazzy teaches a self defense style that is simple to learn as it is based on clear principles such as taking the fastest line to defend, natural reactions, dealing with the weakest part of an attacker’s threat, and neutralizing it with immediate counter-aggression. Our program mainly focuses on women and marginalized people, though the entire community including men and elders will have agreed that this training is welcomed. These self defense techniques are available for every body type and work no matter a person’s size or strength. Jazzy has an unmatched intuitive ability to cater training to meet the specific needs of her students. The sessions will be intense with varied scenarios and approaches to training in order to take out any freeze responses. We will meet up to four times per week with each group in order to hone new skills and build students’ confidence that their new techniques really will work. The training will include combative techniques using the entire body from head to foot as weapons, spatial awareness in crowds, rape scenarios, defenses to choking, and also weapon skills with blunt objects, knives, and guns.

Jazzy Green has expert level teaching credentials through the self defense system of Krav Maga Worldwide, and trained with them since 2001. Her nuances in teaching come from her passion for healthy functional movement, and grappling with another body. She had a successful wrestling background and was selected as a junior in high school to attend the Olympic Education Center to further her competitive career while finishing high school. Her 200-hour YogaWorks certification developed from grounding experiences of breath and presence work. She is also registered through CETI for her certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist. She passionately remains a student in continuing education courses.

Jazzy’s personal training sessions:

My physical movement trainings are organic and purposefully directed to build skills, following bodies’ patterns, needs, and desires. I stand by this: Bring curiosity of your own physicality, and presence through concentration and breath. Shed and blossom. Become a greater vessel. My parents instilled enjoying physical activity as a way to feel happy and as a result, healthy. So, when I work out, it’s really play. I incorporate what I need and challenge myself appropriately. It’s what I’ve learned to call, a drive to meet my edge. My physical movement trainings are organic and purposefully directed to build skills, following bodies’ patterns, needs, and desires.

Jazzy’s proudest achievements while teaching:

I am changed from the personal clients who are immeasurably grateful for the specific needs attacked throughout their sessions with me.
9 years into teaching Krav Maga, This past year I spoke with five of the transitional housing spaces in Portland. I found steady means and interest from the residents of a sober living quarters. Every Sunday for two months I spent time with these women, training and listening. I got to experience their understanding of the gravity of self defense, their ability to recognize and vocalize their triggers and needs, their vibrant energy towards their own lives. They learned well, and we are forever grateful for each other.

The elderly groups I have worked with always help create a whole seminar. From their experiences, to their bodies’ pains, to mind and awareness, we create what is available for vulnerable people.

Christine Knight and myself spearheaded All Angles Self Defense in Oregon to bring successful donation seminars to female-identified peoples who don’t choose to train at a studio.

I will always be there for those in need.


Krysti teaches nutrition in order to empower informed, science-based, economical choices. She will work with individuals to increase education about local foods with high levels of vitamins and minerals, the benefits of breastfeeding, food storage year-round, how to diversify subsistence farming and home gardening, and to maintain clean water access throughout the year. By improving these elements specifically, we are working to end seasonal hunger in rural areas. Krysti will do this by teaching group courses in nutrition education, using permaculture concepts with households, and coaching individuals on their specific needs. She will identify food supply chains like local restaurant surplus ingredients or food remnants that can be redistributed to people who would otherwise go without food, or used as organic compost.

Krysti Adamich is a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. She established Grounded Wellness LLC to deliver individual client coaching and small group nutrition education. She teaches a balanced approach that promotes a plant-based diet that is supplemented with ethically-raised animal products. She knows that nutrition coaching is rooted in behavior change, so she figures out what will work uniquely with each person. To accomplish long term change, she helps clients with cooking skills, grocery store shopping, and food preservation. Krysti believes that a person who is well-informed about nutrition fundamentals as well as the realities of modern agriculture will inherently make better choices to feed themselves and their families. Krysti is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and a licensed Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering.