Nelly Mkonko, Vital Defense's first teacher-in-training

The Next Step for Vital Defense Int’l

Thank you all for supporting our first endeavor into providing knowledge and sustainable human rights work to people in need! We stayed in the community with our students, allowing us to get to know different aspects and members of the society. We approached the volunteer caregivers of Dikgale’s child care centers (rural northern South Africa)

The First Five Weeks: As Exciting As Expected

For the first time, Rehaba moved fast with freedom in her body, energetically hitting target. For the next thirty seconds she laughed loudly, dancing in a way she only would around a group of women. Melita speaks with her eyes. She is focused on the lesson, responsive when concepts click, and sweetly appreciates our initiative

We Asked What They Wanted, and They Had a Lot to Say

This past week we arrived in the communities that we’ve been anticipating meeting for eight months. We barely made it on the rocky dirt roads. Women walked from their communities to attend one of eight meetings held at the centers they created to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the neighborhoods. Each two to three

Read where our game changing $1800 donation is going!

One of the cornerstones of this program is now taken care of through a kind-hearted donor. As some of you have guessed, new international programs require loose planning. What is guaranteed is that parts of the equation will shift. Our modest budget outlines the costs of a pilot program, and specifically in relation to this

On influential teachers

I think back to every great teacher I’ve had the opportunity to come across. Their inspirational genius contributes to my own, adding sparks that I would not have seen otherwise. A teacher’s single word, a sentence, an idea, a personality and teaching style, ignite unseen fires in people and continue to grow as they move

Community: For a deeper integration of the training

This self defense program in South Africa is mainly partner work and I can’t think of anything more important today than what people learn with each other. Experiencing the unity that comes from team effort and support is a powerful tool for personal growth. As the program progresses, subtleties and nuances will be developed. As