Nutrition Goals in Developed vs Developing Countries

I have been using my Precision Nutrition textbook to prepare for teaching nutrition education to rural villages in South Africa. I chose PN to get my nutrition coaching certification because they dive deep into the physiology of nutrition with the understanding that nothing is the same for all bodies. This is a well-rounded curriculum. Getting

Our Second Round of Crowdfunding is LIVE

We launched our second round of crowdfunding this week! Please read about us and share with your friends: This work is so important. Every contribution makes a big difference. It may seem intangible that Jazzy and I are going halfway around the world to meet people and improve their lives. Try to think about

VDI is on Facebook

Our Vital Defense Facebook page is live! We have posted many, many more photos showing Jazzy and her old students, more photos of South Africa, and a recent fundraiser. Follow us and give us a like!

Our Call-To-Action Video is Live!

Check out our short Call-To-Action video below that describes our purpose of forming Vital Defense International and our ethos while working with the South African communities.      

The State of Violence in South Africa

What types of violence are experienced by our South African community members? To find out, I researched headlines in the Independent Online, which publishes over 20 newspapers across South Africa. From reading their news feed over the past few months, IOL seems relatively unbiased and willing to report on difficult topics such as rape and

LuchaFIT spreads the word about Vital Defense International

Katherine Shai (Fulp-Allen) has recently featured VDI in her blog, “How Two Women are Teaching South Africans to Fight for their Lives“. She is an incredibly accomplished wrestler and teacher – a 5x National Team Member, 2x Olympic Team Alternate, University World Champion for Team USA in wrestling, 2x Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete, and