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Jazzy and Krysti are continuing their movement and nutrition coaching practices while traveling. Working with us is perfect for you if you need additional instruction to master a new skill, if you want help creating exercise programming, or if you are looking for help with specific nutritional obstacles.

We send instructional videos and emails either biweekly or monthly to our clients. Our rates are very competitive, please email us so we can discuss your specific goals!

Movement Training

  • Natural Movement

    A lifelong natural mover, Jazzy is a certified Level 2 MovNat instructor and has taken numerous other continuing education courses.

  • Personal Training

    No two sessions are the same. Jazzy has an incredible mental encyclopedia of exercises to put her clients through. No matter what injury or handicap, Jazzy can help you reach your goals.

  • Self Defense

    A 16-year veteran of Krav Maga Worldwide, Jazzy has taught this style of self defense for over 9 years. KMW relies on principles that work under all conditions.

  • Yoga

    Developing a sound yoga practice is the cornerstone of a relaxed life. Jazzy brings her love of breath work and solid presence to all of her teaching and will guide you to find what your body needs.

Nutrition Coaching

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    I address diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep behaviors, social support and environment impacts. With me as your coach, you will implement new behaviors that stick for the long term.

  • Meal Planning

    Give me your parameters such as vegetarian, protein-heavy, raw, Celiac, etc and I will create a meal plan and grocery list that is easy to follow. Our busy lifestyles get in the way of perfect eating, so let’s modify our eating plans to optimize nutrition and performance.

  • Recipe Writing

    Want to modify old family recipes to match your current eating habits? Have a big event coming up and need recipes to match everyone’s dietary restrictions? I have extensive experience in recipe writing for the Mediterranean, Paleo, and SIBO diets. I welcome a challenge.

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