The First Five Weeks: As Exciting As Expected

For the first time, Rehaba moved fast with freedom in her body, energetically hitting target. For the next thirty seconds she laughed loudly, dancing in a way she only would around a group of women. Melita speaks with her eyes. She is focused on the lesson, responsive when concepts click, and sweetly appreciates our initiative

We Asked What They Wanted, and They Had a Lot to Say

This past week we arrived in the communities that we’ve been anticipating meeting for eight months. We barely made it on the rocky dirt roads. Women walked from their communities to attend one of eight meetings held at the centers they created to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the neighborhoods. Each two to three

Nutrition Goals in Developed vs Developing Countries

I have been using my Precision Nutrition textbook to prepare for teaching nutrition education to rural villages in South Africa. I chose PN to get my nutrition coaching certification because they dive deep into the physiology of nutrition with the understanding that nothing is the same for all bodies. This is a well-rounded curriculum. Getting

The State of Violence in South Africa

What types of violence are experienced by our South African community members? To find out, I researched headlines in the Independent Online, which publishes over 20 newspapers across South Africa. From reading their news feed over the past few months, IOL seems relatively unbiased and willing to report on difficult topics such as rape and