The First Five Weeks: As Exciting As Expected

For the first time, Rehaba moved fast with freedom in her body, energetically hitting target. For the next thirty seconds she laughed loudly, dancing in a way she only would around a group of women. Melita speaks with her eyes. She is focused on the lesson, responsive when concepts click, and sweetly appreciates our initiative

VDI is on Facebook

Our Vital Defense Facebook page is live! We have posted many, many more photos showing Jazzy and her old students, more photos of South Africa, and a recent fundraiser. Follow us and give us a like!

Our Call-To-Action Video is Live!

Check out our short Call-To-Action video below that describes our purpose of forming Vital Defense International and our ethos while working with the South African communities.      

LuchaFIT spreads the word about Vital Defense International

Katherine Shai (Fulp-Allen) has recently featured VDI in her blog, “How Two Women are Teaching South Africans to Fight for their Lives“. She is an incredibly accomplished wrestler and teacher – a 5x National Team Member, 2x Olympic Team Alternate, University World Champion for Team USA in wrestling, 2x Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete, and